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Trick Cycling acts for any type of event.

Alice has been practising the art of trick cycling for 4 years within her 2 professionnal circus courses.

She is a versatile artist and is used to performing in all kinds of spaces.
Alice uses trick bike in a variety of different ways :

Acts for indoor stages:
Aerial bike


Inspired by the poem by Jacques Prévert, Barabara is a moving and poetic act mixing movement and Trick Cycling skills.

Rather Lovely Things
This act is about the dream of flying, from the imagination to the sensation through actually flying in the air on a mecanical flying machine.
In this piece, A.Allart uses the disciplines of Aerial Bike and Trick Cycling (it requires a static aerial rigging point).

The Beast of Csejte
This is the  story of the countess Báthorywho lived and died in the Carpathian mountain. Many legends were created about her, she was called "The Blood Countess" or "The Beast of Csejte" because she used to bath in the blood of her victims to take their youth and beauty. She tortured and killed more than 600 women.
This act is a trick cycling solo using movement and a very strong stage set-up. Alice is embodying this countess using her bike as one of her victim, dropping it, standing on it in circles or standing still…


Testimonials :

"Thoughtful and beautiful"

Joyce Henderson

"Alice Allart is already an expert trick cyclist."

"stands out from the rest"

Liz Arratoon, The Stage

"Through trick cycle Alice searches for a language that's rich and allusive and mysterious, and it's fascinating to watch her use the bike … to shape and interpret literature and myth. I'll always be interested in her work.”

John Ellingsworth, Sideshow Magazine

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