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The Great Vasilis Acrobatic Cabaret.

The Great Vasili's Eruption is truly spectacular and ideal for cabaret style events.

A rare chance to see the Eastern European circus phenomenon perform his own modern interpretation of the classic Dance of the Sabres. Featuring chinese pole, an illuminated cod-piece and his unique daring handstand eruption finale 5-metres above the heads of the audience.

Technical Information

  • Act duration is 15-20 minutes.
  • This act uses a unique free-standing chinese pole rig that uses volunteers from the audience for ballast. It is modular in construction which means it can fit into just about any venue.
  • Minimum space required is 3 metre circle with 3 metre headroom. Maximum space needed is 6 metre circle with 6 metre headroom. Please ring to discuss venue constraints beforehand.
  • Music is supplied on ipod or CD.
  • Lighting and sound tech required on the day.
  • A warm changing space with access to a toilet is required.

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