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Aerial Moon – Performance

A truly ethereal act, performed in a spinning crescent moon. Perfect for any magical, romantic or elegant events. The moon is available as a solo act or with live accompaniment from a world-class violinist.

Technical Specifications

Aerial Performance Technical Requirements


These are the basic technical requirements for performances on suspended aerial acts including (but not limited to) silks, hoop, harness and trapeze. Load testing and other requirements may vary depending on the details of each booking.


Certificates (LOLA) or similar proof of breaking strain / load bearing limits may be required.


  • Safe rigging point load tested to 500kg breaking strain per rigging point (min 250kg safe working load for static performances)
  • Minimum rigging height of 3.5m for hoop / moon, 5m for silks, 4.5m for aerial bar tending.
  • Safe access to rigging points
  • Clear space around the base of each piece of apparatus -  min 3m diameter.

(with the exception of aerial bar-tending where an assistant must be present.

  • Music facilities to play from ipod / CD (for choreographed shows only).
  • Clean, warm, private and secure dressing/warming up area large enough for yoga-style warm-up. (Happy to share with other perfomers where space permits)
  • Access to toilet facilities.
  • Drinking water.
  • Parking / loading facilities where necessary.


Please note that it is always advisable to book a site visit before confirming any aerial installation in order to comply with all safety requirements.

We are happy to talk directly to buildings managers / technical managers onsite where necessary.

It may also be necessary to lift aerial equipment out of the reach of the public when not in use so as to prevent any accidents. Facilities for this are venue-specific and recommendations can be made for each booking.


Where load-tested rigging points are not available, bespoke structures can be put in place. Quotes for this are available on request, and all rigging is undertaken by a professional rigging company.

Where budget does not allow for this, we suggest booking one of our freestanding aerial structures – either our 6m tripod rig or the freestanding aerial hoops, La Luna.

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