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Alice in Wonderland Acts. Immerse your guests in the magical land that Alice found in the classic children’s tale. With such happy memories of when they went to Wonderland, they’re bound to enthusiastically tell all of their friends about your event!

Number of performers:
The Alice in Wonderland set Must have a minimum of the Queen of Hearts and White Rabbit booked, additional characters are totally optional.

Queen of Hearts – Stilts
White Rabbit – Bouncy Stilts
Mad Hatter – Unicycling or Stilts
3x Playing Cards – Circus Skills

Alice – On foot Character Actress or on Stilts

All the charming surrealism that you want from Alice in Wonderland, but done in a tasteful and elegant way that will reflect beautifully on the quality of your event.

Technical Specifications

Secure changing room, appropriate for the amount of performers hired, accessible to the performance space on stilts. (Think wheelchair access - no stairs, lifts are fine)
Access to Changing Room a minimum of one hour before first performance.
Ceiling heights of 10ft.
Requires one assistant to dress if only one stilt walker booked, provided at no extra charge. If more than one character booked then they can help each other dress.

The Alice in Wonderland set Must have a minimum of the Queen of Hearts or White Rabbit booked, additional characters are totally optional.

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