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Cabaret, circus and street arts festivals, corporate events, indoor or outdoor, Didier Pasquetteis ideal for most settings.

A large quantity of bicycles on a single cable 1.5 cm in width, at almost 9m high, the tightrope as a traditional craft, an impressive technical mastery in the service of a form of visual poetry, of surprising images …

In 20 years, Didier has developed a elegant styling in intimate contact with the public, making almost forget the vertigo and excess.

Perhaps unique tightrope walker to perform the Grand Bicycle in his act, bike early this century, which is one of the touchstones of his solo, as the mini-motorcycle that he uses today, Didier Pasquette reminds us that tightrope walking is a playground and expression whose limits are constantly pushed back.

In cabaret, circus and street arts festivals, for corporate event, indoor or outdoor, the places where Didier Pasquette performs his "Solo" are also limitless.

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