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Babes with Swords ……..

If you want a spectacular, high impact show, look no further!

The Babes with Blades are real showstoppers. You will not be disappointed…

The following performances are available:

Iron Requiem – a three or four girl sword piece combining traditional Sword form with acrobatics and contemporary music and choreography to create this powerful and unique piece.
Licence To Kill  – a spectacular three girl acrobatic empty hand to knife martial art piece.
Martial Arts Solo – a graceful and explosive empty hand Martial art Solo
Staff Combat – a dynamic and stylish two / three girl staff combat fight
Staff Solo – using powerful Bo staff techniques.
Double Sword Solo -The rare and beautiful Silat Melayu Royal Sword Form
Tai Chi Fan – a graceful, traditional fan form with an original twist. This can be performed as a solo or group piece.

Babes with Blades were brilliant! Their performance is unique and memorable, it really captured the audience and the clients were thrilled. It was great that the girls were so flexible, they made sure they tailored their act to suit our requirements and adapted to challenges at the venue.

Vicci Smith, Wonderland Events

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