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These wonderfully cute walkabout Christmas Mice are sure to bring Christmas sparkle and magic to any event. It’s hard to explain the impact these characters have with children and adults as they walk the streets spreading their mousey charm. All will enjoy, playing games with them, stroking their Beautiful fur, cuddling their squiggly tummies and having a squeaky chat with them, but…… their favorite thing to do is Sing, they LOVE to sing Christmas Carols and will encourage people all around them to join in with their festive fun. The Mice will bring their own choral music and carol sheets to hand out to the crowd

The mice are worn by one performer each, are 6ft tall and come in three different costumes/character options 

1 Winter Mice ( hats and scarfs)

2 Church mice (ruffs and a choir mouse outfit.) 

3 Church mice( little capes).

Winter Mice and Church Caped Mice have the option of being on roller-skates.


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