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Circii Walkabout Eggs.


Giant Eggs on legs with a unique ‘chic’ style!
These comedy characters love to interact with the public, vying for attention, hiding inside their shells, and ruffling each others’ feathers.

The Eggs work well when booked alongside the Chef or Ringmaster characters who can provide roving musical accompaniment for the Eggs to dance to (see Egg kickline below).

Egg Kickline:
A high glamour kick line that the Moulin Rouge would be proud of – up to four Eggs can perform a hilarious showgirl style kickline, including a hatching ‘striptease’.
Very tongue in cheek and all good family fun!

(Striped yellow and black legs are an alternative for those clients who find the stocking-and-thigh-effect a little too exciting!)

Act suitable for:

– Indoor & outdoor events
– Family audiences
– Festivals
– Shopping centres
– Food/cooking events

Technical Specifications

- Need warm, dry, secure dressing room.
- If Eggs are booked without accompanying character, and there is a possibility that the public could be rowdy, a steward may be needed.
- Not performable in rain.

Length of act:

- 3 x 30 mins walkabout.

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