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Close Up Magic / Mix & Mingle Your guests will witness unbelievable magic, whether he is bending ……..

Unbelievable magic, whether he is bending a fork like Uri Geller, making a ring float in mid air or turning a whole deck of cards into a block of glass, everyone will see the magic up close and it will happen in their hands!!

Mind reading – The human mind is very complex, but it can be influenced in many ways. The advertising industry has been playing with our minds for many years. He uses similar techniques to influence you to think of numbers and words, you may well feel you have had a free choice but he will still know what you are thinking! He does not claim to possess any special powers although some of these mind reading experiments will have you questioning that very statement. You can expect to see things that are not there and feel things that are not real.

After dinner magic & mind reading act – This essentially is a magic & mind reading show; it is suitable for 15 – 1500 people. It is an interactive show where guests will be asked to participate. There are no big stage illusions, just some very clever mind games and visual magic which is thought provoking, funny & entertaining to watch. This show is guaranteed to cause a bit of a stir!

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