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Crystalline – Acrobatic Act

This spectacular act is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. A very unique & sophisticated handstand act set !

The handstand balancer and ballerinas are adorned in jewel-encrusted catsuits with large fabric wings. This is highly visual entertainment at it’s best… an excellent fusion of brilliant costume design and high-level acrobatic skill.

Choose between:
• The solo show – 1 handstand acrobat
• The group show – 1 handstand acrobat with 2 winged ballerinas

• Stage show – 5 minutes 20.
• Ambient sets for walkabout/meet n greet – 15 minutes.
Artists can be booked for both the main-stage act & ambient/meet n greet sets.

Amaze your guests with a handstand act that’s truly unique and a one-off!

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