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Darwin’s Deadly Dodo Doo Doo walkabout show… …….

Darwin’s Deadly Dodo Doo Doo

A walkabout show for anywhere…

The whole panoply of earthly existence is disembowelled and hung out to dry in this cabaret style walkabout presentation of the mystery of evolution and creation – a show for street, stage or screen – in development for the 2009 bicentennial celebrations of Darwin’s birth.

• Does God play dice with the Universe ?
• Did Dodos Die out because we Did them in ?
• Why Did Darwin spend 8 years with Only Barnacles for Company ?
• What Did his Wife play on the Piano ?
• Could All the Species on Earth Fit in the Ark ?
• How did Kangaroos get from Mt Ararat to Australia ?
• And Who Cares ?

Featuring the massively bearded Charles Darwin astride a life size puppet Dodo ( 1,000lbs of Muscle and Meat with Elephantine Legs and Huge feet ) And the Long Armed Vicar riding a Hairy Monkey…. ( a Scrawny Crab Eating Maqaque with Skinny Legs)

They Joust. They Jest. They Justify and Jingoise. Two Giant Knights of Evolution and Extinction fight it out in the Public Arena on Huge Puppets that Speak and Spit.

A walkabout for all ages and beliefs.

Knockabout Knowledge and Yabbering Nonsense

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