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David Straight Jacket – World record breaking Sword Swallower & Escape Artist….

David can be booked for cabaret shows,podium spots, festivals and arena shows. He can also create new and unique stunts for promotion and other events. Davids shows are suitable for family audiences, unless a more extreme show is requested of course. Shows can be adapted to most types of event and location.

A normal show length is 30 minutes, performed in a 'theatrical/street' style, using a microphone and backing music. However David can also perform longer or shorter shows, or visual 'podium' spots as required if your event is not suitable for cabaret.

Whatever you require, and whoever your audience is, David's show can be adapted to suit.

Large stunts, such as suspended escapes, underwater escapes and other stunts are more suited to outdoor arena events, though they can often be adapted to smaller events and indoor venues. Arena stunts are often used as headline grabbers for companies and events wanting maximum publicity for their show or product. David can arrange all aspects of these stunts,
including full £5 million public liability insurance, risk assessments and equipment.

A world record holding performer attempting a death defying escape stunt at your event is an easy way to guarantee headlines and media coverage

A typical 30 minute cabaret show can include:

– Human Blockhead – Bed of Nails – Fire Eating – Mental Flossing –

– Bed of Broken Glass – Sword Swallowing – Underwater Escapes –

– Straitjacket Escapes – Handcuff, Chain and Rope Escapes –

– Challenge Escapes – The Human Beer Straw –

– The Death Defying vacuum packed man Escape –

– The Worlds Most Disgusting Balloon Animal & More! –

Though David does not perform a specific 'kids' show, he does perform regularly for family audiences and at venues which have a large number of young children (such as street festivals, garden parties, celebrations and similar events). You would be
surprised how often David is approached afterwards and asked if he will perform at a child's party! He has also performed at hospitals and at care homes. His show is nothing if not adaptable!

A typical 'family friendly' show will revolve around
traditional sideshow arts such as sword swallowing, bed of glass and human blockhead. Presented in a way that does not scare the youngest audience members, but which is still great fun for the older ones. It will also include several escapes and plenty of fun audience participation.

David has over a decade of performance experience, and is often employed as an independent consultant, advisor and trainer. He has a 100% perfect safety record, and is fully insured for any eventuality, as every performer should be.

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