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Denys paints exclusive pieces of art on two or more large-size canvases. But viewers will see and realize a final picture in the last seconds! In the beginning an artist will create different images close to the resulting picture. In the end of the performance canvases (two or more) are turned, reshuffled, aggregated and brought together to reveal the final giant image. As a result a new huge picture (9×9 ft) is appeared! This is the uniqueness of the show! Each performance is completely unique, every design is different and bespoke to a specify show and respectively this show is nowhere else to be seen! Audiences will be amazed at the finished piece.

Denys’s performances are dramatic and captivating as he uses a patented technique to create works of art that will WOW audiences on their reveal.

For even greater visual effect and to make the performance even more impressive, the artist uses live pictures to paint from. In addition, the artist can also paint under UV light with UV paint, creating an even more exciting visual experience that audiences will have never seen before!

Technical Specifications


Requirements here are not an artists’ whim but technical needs for the highest possible performance.

  1. Preparation of the performance (takes 2 – 3 hours)

Agency (Purchaser) undertakes to provide on-time transportation of artists to the place of performance (venue) not later than 2 hours before the beginning of the event.

Purchaser to provide:

  1. Make or rent and provide availability of easel (easels) and frames for canvas (stretchers) before the arrival of artists on the spot (concert hall).
  2. Stretching area (or prep Area Room) located within a close proximity of stage. Each canvas must be stretched prior to performance. Artists will need a secure private area (at least 4x4 meters) 2 hours prior to event time to do this preparation. There should be and an unhindered access from the stretching area to the stage.
  3. A black (gray, black or neutral color preferred) carpet to protect the floor in front of the canvas (please no plastic as it might be slippery). The size of the carpet depends on the scale of the performance and should be discussed beforehand. One roll of scotch tape is needed to tape carpet down.
  4. 1 representative of the agency for resolving emerging issues.

Rehearsals take 40 minutes. The purpose of it is to set up of staging, audio, video and lighting – followed by technical checks with Artist; providing briefing and training with people who will help during the performance.

During the rehearsals purchaser to provide:

  1. All technical services (sound and lightning technicians and responsible for video that accompanies the event).
  2. Lightning (including ultraviolet light, if necessary) corrected during rehearsal.
  3. 1 – 4 persons to assist in movements of easels (easel) and canvas during rehearsal and performance. The number of people depends on the scale of the performance and should be discussed beforehand.
  • After the performance purchaser to provide:
  1. Drying area - a private secure room (may be dressing room) with a wash sink to clean artist’s material and draw the details of a picture. This area needs to be protected from dripping paint.
  2. A package of paper towels.

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Porsche AG, TOYOTA, Kaspersky Lab, Mazda AG, PALMIERO Jewelry Design, “Nargis” Magazine, National Football League of Azerbaijan, The First National Channel of Germany, United Bank for Africa.

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