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Burn baby burn!

Our swivel hipped Disco Dude is just the right man to get your booty on the dance floor.

Taller than John Travolta, bigger hair than Leo Sayer, and a better moonwalk than Michael Jackson, this man’s got all the moves to keep you satisfied.

See you on the dance floor for disco dy-no-mite!

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What people who've seen this act had to say:

Sally Asling Fireworks organiser – Raleigh School

"Not only did the artist turn up on time, he was an utter pleasure, a dream and delight to work with. Absolutely nothing was too much trouble, and he checked in with me at all times to ensure all was OK. The Disco dude on stilts was a real crown pleaser for the children, and when he came into the disco and twirled the glow novelties he got lots of Wows! The children at the Raleigh School were enthralled."

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