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Period drama! Regency sauce-pots!

Divine courtesans in powdered wigs, exquisite corsets and crinoline skirts. Lovingly created with detailing sourced from around the world; sumptuous beaded ribbon, fine lace, pearls and crystals, ornate fabrics and hand held masks.

Chatterboxy ladies come down from their ivory towers to mix and mingle. They have a well practiced repertoire of sharp one-liners and tend to have a lot of fun when let loose at any event.

They can dance together, as a choreographed dance-about or staged performance, or be adorned with lights and accompanied by their own portable music system if required.


Technical Specifications

  • A dressing room or space.
  • A clean safe performance space.
  • Somewhere safe to leave equipment/ personal belongings.
  • Suitable weather conditions or an alternative indoor space to work in. We will bring unruly weather alternatives if requested in advance, but we can’t generally work in very wet or extreme weather conditions.
  • For stilt performance we need somewhere to get up onto our stilts. This could be a chair on a sturdy table against a wall, a high window with a large enough sill to sit on, a bar or any surface between 1-1.5 metres high that is safe to sit on. Stilts generally require a floor to ceiling clearance of 2.8 metres, although they can also navigate lifts, stairs (with help) doorways and low corridors. We can also sometimes use shorter stilts if required.

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