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Refined, beautiful, classical ballet with fire. These pristine costumes reference Swan Lake and are worn with delicate tiaras, and can be performed en pointe or in soft or outdoor ballet shoes. They can be worn for any of our skills, including stilt performance. For wandering performance The London Cirque Ballet can dance in unison or individually, welcome and guide guests wearing their own music boxes if required, and can be dressed in lights. Also available for staged performance, as always our shows are arranged to fit the event. A versatile base costume that lends itself well to styling and adaptation and can be performed as clockwork dolls, fairies and more. These pieces can also be worn with warmer accessories for outdoor or cold weather performance.

  • Instantly recognisable and loved by audiences of all ages.
  • The use of light within the costume adds a further magical twist.
  • Beautiful, unique and memorable.

3 available in this set, plus a further 9 with slightly smaller tutus. More can be created to order.


• Wandering performance
• Fully choreographed stage show
• 7 Fire Ballerinas available
• Tutus be fitted with ultra bright sparkling LEDs (optional)

Technical Specifications

Each artist can perform 3 sets within a booking. 1 set equals:

A 20 minute wandering fire performance en pointe
A 40 minute wandering fire performance in outdoor or soft ballet shows.
A 5-10 minute show.

Artists can perform one act for all 3 sets, or you can split the sets between two costumes/skills and select a complimentary second act.


A quick overview of the few things we need from you:

  • A dressing room or space.
  • A clean safe performance space.
  • Somewhere safe to leave equipment/ personal belongings.
  • Suitable weather conditions or an alternative indoor space to work in. We will bring unruly weather alternatives if requested in advance, but we can’t generally work in very wet or extreme weather conditions.
  • If you would like this act performed en pointe, artists need a flat, smooth, clean surface.
  • Fire performance requires suitable ventilation, performers must be at least 4 metres from anything flamable and at least 1 metre from audience members. If your performance is indoors you may need to switch off your fire alarms.  The venue must give permission for fire performance.

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