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Doug is the ring master and founding member of The Invisible Circus company……..

Multi phrenic auto manic ring master of disguises, a one man carnival of characters!

Doug has played a wide variety of characters in his time from bizarre aliens, ancient pirates and dodgy gangsters to demented head masters, irreverent priests and sinister doctors as well as being a viper tongued drag queen.

The Invisible Circus with its passion for the merging of Circus and Theatre has given him many opportunities for playing a broad range of characters as well as the stock circus host figure who himself has taken on a variety of personalities across the years.
After a decade of world travel and adventure The Circus returned to the UK in 2000 for Glastonbury Festival. In 2002 they hosted their first Circus stage for Lost Vagueness late night area and have been returning ever since presenting shows in The Circus Big Top, Trash City and with The Arcadia Spectacular.

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