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Dr. Bubbles provides soapbubble shows since 2009 worldwide.


ReferencesFormula 1 Bahrain (3 times), Doha Tribeca Film Festival, Red Bull headquarter opening ceremony, Grand Casino Baden, ISSA Amsterdam, ATB, Eid al Fitr celebrations Doha, Infineon, Boston children museum(USA),….

We offer three different kind of shows:

A) Indoor stage show:
Dr. Bubbles enchants the audience and shows unbelievable skills with soap bubbles to delight any audience.
Duration: 30-40 minutes for family-events, for B2B there is a comprimised show of 6-17 minutes, or to your demand.
Also 50 minutes shows as side-event to greet the guests are possible!
Indoor only!

B) Interactive soapbubble show:
Guests are given the opportunity to create giant soap bubbles themselfes.
Dr. Bubbles and his team shows the biggest possible ones and are helping where help is wanted.
Suited for children aged from 4 to 144.
Outdoor only! Various durations.

C) Outdoor show:
Dr. Bubbles provides a spectacular show that starts with gentle, modest and romantic bubbles matching to the music.
On and on the act is evolving into a fantastic, wild, magically and impressive show.
Outdoor only! Duration: 12-17 minutes to music or 50 minutes as a side act for B2B, 20-30 minutes for family events, up to six times a day.
Different durations are possible.

Up to six artists are possible!

The best choice and a wonderful and magical sensation!
Perfect for any kind of your event.
Perfect for Gala-dinners, walk acts, mega events, product launches, christmas celebrations, commercials, movies, weddings, advertising,…
For families or B2B events!


Technical Specifications

Travel requirements: Departure Airport is Vienna (VIE). 2 pcs. of baggage, minimum 23kg each. No oversize luggage necessary! Working visa must be provided.
All details depending on the kind of show and size of event.

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    Previous Clients:

    Formula 1 Bahrain(3x)
    Red Bull Headquarter opening ceremony
    Doha Tribeca Film Festival(Qatar)
    Eid al Fitr celebrations(Qatar)
    Grand Casino Baden
    Boston children museum/USA)

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