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Flaming Fun White Fairy Stilt Walking Creatures.

Mystical magical fun!

Get away with the Fairies….in style!

The Wonderland Fairies add instant enchantment to any event.

These beautiful creatures can glide through the day or night alone, in pairs or atop their loveable furry companion creatures; interactive puppets that come to life simply wanting to befriend children and adults alike with their sweet and very charming tactics.

By day, their opalescent white lace and organza catches the light and glitters against their porcelain skin.

By night, they emit an ethereal glow while their animals’ eyes light the way forward.

The warm hearted Fairy sits upon her loyal Dragon, adventuring together as they always have and forever will!

Her other pet is a wonderfully fluffy white bird who yearns to wander near and far.
Works very well paired with our White Fairy Stilt Walkers.

“The stilt walker – fairy on a dragon – we all thought she did an amazing job greeting my guests at my party on 29th June at Hurlingham. She is talented, engaging and an extraordinary performer – most people thought there was two of her and were amazed to discover she was on stilts. She was a charming fun greeter and really contributed to making my party the outstanding success it was.”      – Victoria Watson

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