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Fantasy Flare Fire Show.

Looking for an act that’s different? A highlight for your event?

Then thrill your guests with this high-energy act combining acrobatic balances, gymnastic tumbling & fire spinning! If you like it hot then this is the perfect act for you and your guests.It’s original, different & a perfect blend of high-level acrobatics & perfectly choreographed fire spinning.

Acrobat performers are available for:

• Main-stage show – 5 minutes 10.

• Ambient sets/meet n greet/walkabout – 15 minutes.

Acrobats may perform a combination of the act and ambient sets according to your needs.


• Up to 6 acrobat/fire-entertainers for large group shows

• Solo performers for smaller events and tighter budgets!

If you’d love to have fire but your venue won’t allow it, why not book our spectacular UV show as a great alternative. Acrobats perform with UV staffs and create a tightly choreographed, fantastic light show.

Fire equipment for walkabout sets can include: poi; juggling clubs; club swinging; staffs & skipping ropes.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications for ground-based acrobatic/fire show.
2 – 4 artists perform with fire staffs.
Performance Area:
• 2 person show requires a minimum 5m width x 4m depth x 4.5m height
• 4 person show requires a minimum 7m width x 6m depth x 4.5m height
• We request a further 1m free space around this area
• Clear access to stage area essential
• 2m x 2m clear space required back stage for lighting and extinguishing props in fireblankets
provided by performers.
• Outside area required for dipping equipment in fuel & getting off excess.
• Stage area and designated extinguishing point must be free of flammable materials or props
including hangings or fabrics
Stage surface will be slippery for approximately 5 minutes after show until fuel residue has
evaporated. Please account for this requirement. Ensure guests & other performers are aware.
Alternatively, the client may provide fire-proof carpet for the artists to perform on.
It is the responsibility of the client to ensure fire shows are permitted inside the venue.
Insurance: Artists have public liability up to a maximum of £2,000,000
Lighting: To be discussed in technical rehearsal
Sound: Music provided on CD, client to provide sound system/PA
Changing room: Warm, secure room required for warm-up and make-up
Set up Time:
• 20 – 30 minutes required for technical rehearsal
• Artists require 1 hour 15 minutes prior to show time
Parking: Close to the venue if possible
Directions: Full address and postcode needed prior to the event
Light refreshments during the event is appreciated

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