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Flair bartender and close up magician………..

Super stylish slight of hand combined with mind bending cocktail concoctions are all within the powers of this performer.

Ideally you will already have a bar that can double up as the stage and where his "molecular Mixology" comes to life.

Molecular Mixology is the zany and revolutionary practice of mixing drinks using science to experiment with cocktail ingredients on a molecular level.

Watch, as Brendan and his team play with foams, liquid nitrogen, gels, mists and fire to create new flavours, feels, textures and visuals, making your whole drinking experience way more exciting!Will it be Whiskey Marshmallows, a Mojito Mist to be sprayed instead of sipped, or a Hurricane that erupts like a chemistry lab?

Why not top up your Champagne up with a Fruity Foam, or watch your Cointreau turn into colourful Caviar Pearls?!

Creating cocktails has never been so much fun!

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