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A unique interdisciplinary artist who creates spectacular and engrossing performances……..

A unique interdisciplinary artist who creates spectacular and engrossing performances from a mix of large-scale mechanical sculpture, digital media, special effects, dramatic characters, circus skills, puppetry, and audience involvement.

He has worked extensively world wide for 20 years, both collaborating and producing his own solo work.

The Characters –

A cantankerous old man lost in the twilight of obsession, having misplaced the thread between fantasy and reality he is off on his final adventure. A head full of romantic dreams and a pocket full of nuts and bolts. He is on a quest for love and sunsets to ride into. A contemporary Don Quixote armed with roses, pyrotechnic gadgets and a tantalising whiff of razzmatazz.

The Horse (Rusty) is visually extraordinary, a robot that acts as a people magnet. He can do all that a real horse does and more. He has his own distinct character, philosophy and ego. The audience are left feeling they have met an odd but real horse.

All this theatricality, machine gadgetry and fire spectacularity is available in two formats – either rolled into 40 minutes of ride-about performance, “Out & About with a Whinny & a Canter”or as 50 minute static, street or cabaret show “Flogging a Dead Horse”.

‘The full sized horse has to be seen to be believed: it is an extraordinary junk-metal creation with moving parts and it exudes the thrilling and terrifying power of real flesh and blood’. The Guardian.

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