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Gorgeous Gatsby Girl Dancers!

With Baz Luhrmann's super stylish Great Gatsby film proving to be a big hit, and the catwalk collections right behind, vintage glamour is this year's most desirable theme.
Why not let our very own Great Gatsby Girls take you back to 1922, the swinging era of glittering Jazz and loosening morals.

Their sumptuous, sparkling costumes, and tongue in cheek Charleston routines, will leave you bedazzled.
Whether meeting and greeting your guests, posing for photographs, serving champagne, or performing high energy, fully choreographed Charleston routines, our Great Gatsby Girls are sure to add that air of elegance and energy to your evening.

Why not take to the floor with our Gatsby Girls after dinner for a fun Charleston dance class to get the party really started where your guests can learn a mini routine of their very own.

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