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Stunning Living Statues to set the scene and greet guests, with a unique blend of stillness and gentle movement, and/or a delightful, frightful, walkabout character performance. For family or children’s events, our Witch can also bring along her Sparkling
Story book – full of ghostly stories and poems to entertain the children and


A fully interactive walking, talking, cackling harridan. Wearing a spectacular black and purple costume with sequinned cloak, witch’s hat and broomstick – she will fly to your event, set up her bubbling cauldron (fear not – t’is but a ‘mister’ device within cold water) and set about the ‘scary’ activities.


Our Ghostly Spirits are not of this world. They carry tall candles in silver candlesticks – fear not, t’is only LED flames that flicker. The Spirits move noiselessly among your guests,bringing a shiver, and then melt once more into the mists.


Only for the fearless. Our Gothic Witch will have your guests quaking and shaking. A truly weird and extraordinary apparition. Are you bold enough to invite her to the living world?

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