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Golfer Stiltwalkers.

Stand aside Jack Nicklaus. Stand aside Seve Ballesteros. If you want golfing advice you go to the biggest in his field and we mean big.  It’s the giant golfer and his caddie, both at 9 foot tall.

The golfers believe that golf can be played anytime and anywhere so with their foam golf balls, full size clubs, a mobile green and a golf trolley you could fit your grandma in, they set out to prove it.  They wander through the crowds looking for the clubhouse and only stopping to play a few holes with audience members where it will cause the most hilarity.

Anywhere your event is held becomes a fairway to them. These two are determined to make sure your event goes with a “swing”.

This exuberant two person stilt walkabout once again pays exceptional attention to detail and causes spectacle with their antics. Also watch out for the “boingy” caddy that has a certain spring in his step. We’re talking 150 yard drives, 80 feet putts and more birdies than Tiger Woods. That’s how we roll.

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