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Greek Dancers is a London based performing group of traditional Greek dance enthusiasts committed to keeping authentic, traditional Greek dancing, costumes and music alive.

Founded early in 1986, the Group has more than 500 successful performances to its credit.

The Group has given a large number of performances to help raise money for Charity – Oxfam, Telethon, Great Ormond St. Children’s Hospital, Camphill, Arthritis Care, Children of Africa, Radiomarathon and other charitable events.

The Greek Dancers’ performances can be accompanied by live music, which helps to create a true Greek atmosphere. The range of instruments includes: Gaida, Zourna, Violin, Touloum, Pontic Lyra, Lute, Sazi, Bouzouki, Daouli, Dahares and Tarabouka.   The origins of every dance have been thoroughly researched, exploring the times before the formation of the Modern Greek State as far back as the ancient Greek times; Lyra’s repertoire is therefore very extensive. It includes dances from the whole of Greece as well as from regions where historically the Greeks have lived in well-established communities such as Cyprus, Northern Epirus, Eastern Thrace and Asia Minor, including Black Sea.

Greek Dancers perform the complete range of dance types including circle, line, couple and formation sequences. Very little attempt has been made to choreograph the dances; any choreography is limited to making the dances more suitable for stage presentation without ever altering the true character of the dances. The performers are meticulous in their authenticity and convey the true spirit of this cultural form and their personal enjoyment to every audience. Performances are enhanced and complimented by an impressive range of authentic costumes representative of most areas.

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