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Spurting Man………

A colourful outdoor spectacular of giant water features.

A multi textured display that combines the lyrical qualities of water with light and pyrotechnics.

At it’s heart is a physical performance, a human fountain, the internationally famous Spurting Man. Accompanying the dynamic aquatic display of the Spurting Man is the virtuoso singing of a beautiful diva.

‘The aim of the show is to develop a performance that interacts with the unique architecture of a specific location, a public space that we aim to transform.

A flat space becomes a stage, a street lamp becomes a fountain, a wall becomes a multi coloured display.

Integrated into the performance are a chorus of physical performers, a chorus of human fountains, who add their physical presence to animate the space.

Hydromania is a spectacular celebration of water. This essential element of life on our blue planet, has inherent aesthetic qualities. Water is an element that is both of serious symbolic significance and innocent fun, of both intrinsic beauty and obvious comic potential.

Technical Specifications

Technical Provisions for the UK
Our shows are complete and exacting pieces of theatre designed specifically for performance in outdoor spaces. Whilst the company does not wish to burden the booker with unusual or ridiculous requests it is essential that the following requirements are provided in full in order that the performances at your event are able to take place successfully to the mutual benefit of all parties.
Daylight Shows
Flat performance area clear of overhead obstruction 6 metres by 4 metres and the central point at least 8 metres from any live electrical source e.g. plug socket, amplifier, lighting rig.
Supply of clean water from either standpipe or service tap. Must be within 50 metres of the performance site and be accessible at least 90 minutes before each performance.
13 amp electrical power source for PA system.
Access to the performance area from 1 hour before the first performance and for one hour after the last performance e.g. First performance 1.00pm second performance 3.30 pm access to performance area 12.00 noon - 5.00 pm.
Secure dressing room with minimum of mirror and sink or bowl with water supply preferably with shower. Within 100 metres of performance site.
Steward from the host organisation to assist the company.
Night Shows
As for the daylight shows plus of lighting the minimum requirement being six 500 Watt white light halogen lamps. Exact lighting requirements should be discussed with the company in advance.
A minimum time of one and one half hours is required between start times of the shows for resetting the show. All the performances should be in the same location on any day.

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