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New Humming Bird Stilt Characters

The Hummingbirds are inspired by the design ideas used in ‘Lion King’ production, so rather than literal birds they are theatrical representations where the performer is both the creature and the puppeteer which gives them a unique quality. The heads of the birds can be worn by the stilt walker and removed and manipulated like a puppet to be able to better interact with the crowds. 
They are wonderfully colourful and will create a spectacular stir and any event.

Technical Specifications

Ceilings of over 10 foot high for stilt performance.

A table away from the public to put on and remove stilts.

A safe, secure changing room with a place to keep belongings whilst the performers interact.

A warm dry area for the performers to rest between sets.

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The costumes are brand new for Summer 2018 and will be performing their first gig next week.

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