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Inferno Fire Show……..

Inferno Fire Show

“Bringing together the skills some of the worlds finest fire performers, Juggling Inferno is a funky, high energy group fire show. We guarantee to amaze your guests and have them cheering for more.”

This show is a modular group performance which can be from 2-5 fire performers. It involves performing with a variety of fire and glow props. The show is choreographed to music and builds to a grand finale with all the performers on stage. Depending on the event we may talk to the crowd at the beginning middle and end of our show. The show can be from 10-30 minutes long depending on client requirements it is made up of modular sections of group and solo routines. Juggling Inferno comes with the offer of an optional pyro-technic finale. The show can be performed inside or outside and is best seen on a stage.
Duration 10-30 minutes. Can be performed inside or outside with or without a stage.

Pyromania Fire Show

“Pyromania is a solo fire show, combining fire spinning, amazing skills and some of the best high energy staff juggling in the world. Tim has spent five years creating, developing and polishing this performance, which showcases his incredible talent and love for fire manipulation. Performed to a funky soundtrack the show is both dramatic and exhilarating. Action-packed routines are interspersed with live audience interaction culminating in a grand finale.”

Pyromania involves high speed spinning, throwing and juggling of flaming staffs at great heights. It is performed to music and usually involves Tim talking and interacting with the audience. This show requires more space than most fire performance and although it can be performed indoors it is most often performed outside. Pyromania comes with the offer of an optional pyrotechnic finale.

Duration 10-30 minutes. Can be performed inside or outside with or without a stage.

What people who've seen this act had to say:

Bismillah Shaikh - Events Officer, Communications Team London Borough of Newham

"The event was a total success. The fire show was amazing. It complemented the main stage line up perfectly. The fire manipulations tools that were used were varied and the show was choreographed superbly building up to the pyrotechnic finale which lit up the whole stage. The crowd loved it. The guys were lovely to deal with and very professional. Many Thanks."

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