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Aerial Illuminated Fairy and walkabout character.

And now for something completely different,  that is sure to wow guests of all ages.

This illuminated Treetop Fairy aerial performance features a stunning spinning Christmas tree, complete with it’s very own real life angel.

What’s more, our angel has a fully lit, LED costume which magically flows, fades and flashes between a beautiful array of colours, so bright they can even be seen in the daylight!

Fully self-contained, and needing no electrical supply or any addition support, this aerial act simply needs a flat surface on which to perform. Absolutely great for any event, both indoors and out.

She is also available on a traditional rotating aerial ring (without a tree), and as a gloriously glowing walkabout/meet and greet/ mix and mingle character.

A gentle, beautiful character performance, which will light up your life!


Technical Specifications

Glow Fairy


The ring is a self supporting aerial structure which needs no external means of support.

Height Option A

Height Option B

Actual height

2m 50cm

3m 50cm

Safe working height

3m 80cm

4m 80cm

Actual base diameter



1m 65cm

Safe working diameter

3m 65cm

3m 65cm

Actual hoop diameter



Safe working hoop diameter

2m 50cm

2m 50cm


Safe working heights / diameters are based on the current act.

Ambient/freestyle performances may not need as much clearance


Size and weight for transportation

1 x Main Frame 32 kilo 110cm x 50cm x 40cm

2 x Stage Panels 24 kilo (each)

80cm x 90cm x 15cm

1 x Hoop 7kilo 120cm (diameter circular) x 15cm

1 x Pole bag 25 Kilo

170cm x 20cm x 20cm

Total weight

112 Kilo


Rigging time once in venue



De rigging time



Aerial ring needs to be placed on a flat surface.

The base unit can be stored out of sight, and carried over a

short distance into place for the performance.

Three strong people are needed to carry the unit. The pole/hoop is then placed onto the central spigot.

Direction will be given by the performer.


For venues where the hoop will be within reach of an audience, for

health and safety reasons, security

measures will be required throughout the event to ensure that no one attempts to climb on to the rig. This is the responsibility of the venue or booker and not the artist.

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