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LED – Silver Contortion Performance.
Elegant, sleek and striking contortion in silver. These costumes can be worn for any of our skills, including stilt performance. For wandering performance our Silver duo can bend and fold individually or in unison wearing their own music boxes if required. They can also perform stage shows. As always, our shows are arranged to fit the event. The clean base look of these costumes lends itself to added branding and styling.

  • The elegant cut of this costume allows the artist to navigate tricky spaces and light to medium winds.
  • The use of light makes this act more visible, even in full daylight.
  • A perfect choice if you want to create a talking point or gentle interaction.

This artist can perform 3 sets within a booking. 1 set equals:

  •     A 15 minute wandering contortion performance.
  •     A 3-5 minute show.

She can perform one act for all 3 sets, or you can split the sets between two costumes/skills and select a complimentary second act.

Electric Contortion

This beautiful act is performed in our glittering light suits. Fitted with over 30 LEDS and encrusted with over 2000 crystals, our light performers are available to perform a wide range of skills.

  •     Wandering performance
  •     High impact stage show
  •     3 costumes available
  •     Fitted with ultra bright sparkling LEDs

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