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Light Emitting Ribbon Dance in Olympic Colours……..

Ribbon performance combining contemporary dance and rhythmic gymnastics techniques in the Olympic colours. In addition to our dance based show we are rapidly building a team of world class rhythmic gymnasts for performance of what we consider to be one of the most beautiful of the Olympic sports. A perfectly pitched Olympic performance that could scarcely be better suited to coming events.

These costumes can be worn for any of our skills, including stilt performance. With an inspiring, spectacular score, staged performances can be worked to fit a wide range of performance spaces. All costume can be fitted with bright lights (visible in daylight) but work equally well unlit. Olympic ribbon dancers can also appear as a wandering act, performing individually or in unison wearing their own music boxes if required. Olympic logo branding can also be added.

Colourful and exuberant, this act uses the space and introduces a generous splash of colour and energy
The use of light makes this highly visible, even in full daylight.

Gorgeous for making a real impact in any space.
Great for outdoor or indoor events.

They have 10 dresses available in Olympic colours: black, green, red, yellow, blue, more can be created to order.

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