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we take safety very seriously so naturally we felt the need to create an icon ……..

we take safety very seriously so naturally we felt the need to create an icon of safety, a superhero of the highways – meet our very own 9 foot tall crossing patrol person or, in old money, the lollipop man.

Imparting his Welsh wisdom, sometimes even in fluent Welsh, this loveable character takes a great pride in making sure your journey through town is as safe as possible and will ensure you reach your destination even when you try to escape. He so concerns himself with the crowds that he may even share some nonsensical specialist life coaching advice all for no extra charge just to keep the public on the right track.

He is perfect for a Christmas crowd as he is not all he seems in winter, his job becomes something much more than tending to the needs of his road crossing posse. As the nights draw in and Rudolf’s nose is the only thing guiding Santa through the night, the Lollipop Man saves the day with his tinsel wrapped flashing safety pole and illuminated LED vest and guides Rudolf to another safe landing and so saves another Christmas.  Sometimes he even helps the Christmas turkeys on their escape route across the B453 too.  And yes we did say LED, That’s right, LED. Light Emitting Diodes. For real.

The Lollipop Man’s gentle, caring and insanely ridiculous antics will have crowds following him asking for advice, no matter what the season.  Look left, look right, and then do a double take as this solo stilt walkabout livens up any event and is a massive hit with audiences of all ages.

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