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Luigi Da’Scouza: Mingling swing-jazz Supper club accordionist, all round banter-merchant, with personal hang-ups about ‘etiquette’

Luigi da’Scouza has a mixed past. A cocky Scouser of Italian descent, Luigi’s come to London with his accordion in search of the big time. He jokes that his repertoire’s an intriguing “mix of continental chic and lower-class standards.” Luigi’s pretty rough around the edges, though a bit of a charmer as well. His paranoia about ‘etiquette’ endows him with a definite edginess, and he can clearly be cagey about playing in places he doesn’t know. His supper-club swing-jazz repertoire includes: New York, New York; Puttin’ on the Ritz; Mack the Knife; Lady be good.

Imagine Lilly Savage with a touch more class….

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