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Mermaids For Any Event. All the fantasy & wonder that you want from Mermaids, but done in a grown-up, sophisticated way that is perfectly suited to adult audiences and elegant events.
Land-based Mermaid Installations to match your theme.
Underwater performances in pools, water tanks & aquariums.
Optional Pirate and Sailor accompanying characters.
Ensure a beautiful, luxurious aesthetic at your event with Couture Mermaids with your choice of a wide range of colours & styles so you can choose the mermaids you prefer to match your decorative vision.
Your guests will always remember your event where they met a real live mermaid!

Technical Specifications

Up to Three Mermaids available, acts can be either water based or dry land based.

Set times are 2x45mins for "Sitabout"

1x1hr for Pool based events

Secure changing room, appropriate for the amount of performers hired, accessible to the performance space by carrying/wheelchair.
Access to Changing Room a minimum of one hour before first performance.
Requires one assistant to dress for any number of Mermaids booked, provided free of charge.

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