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Funny Black and White Mime Artist – Mimbo…….

The Mime Artist is one of Britain's busiest interactive traditional style white faced mime artiste silent clowns. Always initialed by his exclamation mark and accompanied by his little brown case, this foppish twit of all twits has been entertaining thousands everywhere with his buffoonery and silent art.

His subtle wit and charm makes him a delight for any age, colour or creed. He never compromises his humour by ridiculing the individual, (unless of course someone is really asking for it hee hee!), but moreover ridicules life itself as seen through only his eyes.

He has been fortunate enough to have crowned the future king of England Prince William now – The Duke of Cambridge with a balloon hat, made the late Princess Diana laugh, entertain other members of the British monarchy including most honourably, Her Majesty the Queen, entertain other royal families throughout the world, and described by various leading world companies as 'the most definitively unique mime artist around' and described by notable critics of leading newspapers as 'a consummate professional'……. 'a Clown Prince'…..'will never be out of work' Mimbo! Is currently celebrating his 25th year!

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