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Whimsical Nautical Walkabout Characters…

BOATS WITH LEGS Immaculately costumed above deck, thin legs and large boots below the waterline.

These boats have now walked many miles around the country, each with a large puppet aboard ready to chat to the children and insult anyone else who gets in the way.

Choose from:

VIKING LONGSHIP (with Eric and Hilda aboard, and their plundered Saxon sheep Dolly)

HMS VICTORY (Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson and Able Seaman Lyon on board, with Lieutenant Pasco … pigeon and Signals Officer)

“SEA DEVIL” PIRATE GALLEON (circa 1722 with Captain Nathan Darke and his fellow pirate Liza Rudge, together with Cora the Crow, who has fallen out of the crow’s nest)

“LADY LYDIA” STEAM LAUNCH (Sir Henry Greatham and Lady Lydia herself, cruising the waterways in the Late Victorian/Edwardian times with Kevin, a very noisy, and occasionally rude Seagull)

ITALIAN GONDOLA (Lady Lydia, lost on the canal with a very stupid Italian Gondolier. Kevin the Seagull has come along too and is trying to master the route and the language with the aid of a phrasebook and dubious map)

SEASIDE BOAT – Fair weather and foul. In either fetching bathing costumes at the local seaside resort, and ready for a trip round the bay. Or traditional oilskins for the often changeable British weather.

All boats are available for walkabout performances or theatrical shows with props.

Perfect fun for all nautical themed events!

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