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Tickling the taste buds of pleasure seekers on the hunt for something new……..

Tickling the taste buds of pleasure seekers on the hunt for something new.

The mobile Bar operates with four oxygen infusers. Each infuser has four memorable flavours, when combined creates an aromatic cocktail. Guests select an infuser, ‘hook up’ and are given a 5 to 10 minute shot of purified air, which will gently ease away stress and fatigue. To enhance this feeling one of their professional masseurs will perform a neck and shoulder massage. They also provide visual entertainment on a flat screen monitor showing whatever mood the party takes them.

Their assistants are people that suit your function.

They create a great atmosphere, gets people talking and is remembered long after the event.

Perfect for trade shows, the bar draws attention and new clients on to your stand. They will customize their unique service around your brand.

They are the only experts in this rapidly emerging industry and are committed to providing you with the quality service, you deserve.


What is Oxygen? It is the most critical element for life. It’s an odourless, colourless, tasteless non-combustible gas.

Why do I need Oxygen? It is our primary source of energy. It’s the fuel required for the body system to operate correctly.

How much Oxygen can I safely inhale? Each session is 2-20 minutes. We advise no more than three sessions a day. After 5 minutes you should start to feel the benefits.

How does infusion the oxygen bar work? Simple. It draws in air, which contains 21% oxygen. It filters out the impurities and other gases, and then pumps out 95% pure aromatic oxygen. What are the benefits of inhaling extra oxygen? Promoting vitality, physical stamina and endurance. It can also benefit your health and well-being.

Is it dangerous? Oxygen itself is not flammable, however it dramatically increases the rate of something already burning. Infusion bar equipment stores NO oxygen. The oxygen is manufactured when needed using the latest PSA (pressure Swing Absorption) technology.

Will the bar be safe? Absolutely, two experienced assistants always staff Infusion. All equipment is PAC tested.

What are the requirements? All we need is an area of 2½ square metres floor space, and the use of 2 x 13amp plug sockets.

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