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Photon, glow is our passion! From a single ambient glow juggler, to a fully-integrated stage show with lasers, glow costumes and pixel poi projecting your logo into thin air, we’ve got the lot. Our immense pride in our work means we won’t offer a performance unless we’re confident we can excel at it. This is why, for any budget, we can guarantee you won’t find better.

Ambient/Freestyle Glow

Number of performers: 1 – 6

Duration: upto 3 x 30min

Description: Whether it’s as meet and Greet entertainment or to build atmosphere glow spinning is a hypnotic and captivating form of entertainment which never fails to impress. To keeps these performances fresh throughout the evening the sets will include a variety of props such as hula hoop, staff and poi all performed with a friendly face! This performance now makes use of our custom made and truly stunning pixel poi – capable of projecting stars, flower and hearts into the air (see photos and video). These props flash up pictures a line at a time and allow the audience to put it all together in their head, a bit like an ultra high tech sparkler!

We have a full library of pictures at our disposal including snowflakes, pumpkins, hearts and much more, so if you have a theme that you want us to fit around please ask. If you want to add that personal touch we can also custom program your name/logo/message to the pixel poi, this costs a little extra to cover the programming time but adds a huge amount to know this performance is truly bespoke!


Photon Glow Show – Basic

Number of performers: 2 – 4

Duration: up to 15mins

Description: A step up from other glow shows, this is our most competitively priced show. It makes use of our custom designed props including giant hoop cubes, pixel poi and staffs – capable of projecting stars, flowers and hearts into the air. These props flash up pictures one line at a time enabling the audience to combine it together in their head –  like an ultra high-tech sparkler! We have an extensive library of pictures at our disposal including snowflakes, pumpkins, hearts and much more, so if you have a theme that you want us to fit around please ask. We aim to creates seamless blend of music, movement and technology, with a level of skill that’s guaranteed to captivate your audience.


Want to add that personal touch? We can also custom program your name/logo/message to the pixel poi, this costs a little extra to cover the programming but adds a huge amount to see your name in lights!


Photon – Light suits

Number of performers: 2 – 4

Duration: up to 10mins

Description: Our best selling glow show is designed to be fast-paced and ultra high-impact, ideal for corporate events, product launches, private parties and anywhere that you might want to astound your guests. The show is packed full of tailor-made equipment that you won’t find anywhere else. These include pixel LED costumes, giant hoop cubes, pixel poi, staffs and our brand new pixel Catherine Wheels – a 9ft moving wall of light, custom-programmed with your logos and messages! Because your event doesn’t fit into a box, we have made this show easy to adapt to your requirements: we can vary show length, stage size and most importantly the set-up/pack-down is quick and discreet. The show, performed all over the globe, has met with critical acclaim and is guaranteed to amaze. Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our clients say.



“The performers were fantastic – very professional, polite and worked with us to ensure the performance fitted to our schedule.  The fire juggling etc was amazing, but it was the light show that went down a storm.  I would definitely recommend the performers to any other organisation that is looking for a bespoke light show!”

-Chris Pritchett – Event Organiser for ‘Foot Anstey’ Law firm


“Our client thought you were amazing and absolutely loved it! Thanks so much again for a brilliant performance. I’ve never got any worries putting you forward for our clients as your show is guaranteed to be such a hit! xx “

-Leone Starr  ‘Off Limits Corporate Events’


“Excellent performance, particularly incorporating the client’s logo into the show, which went down really well.”

-Vicky Shileds ‘Office Christmas’



-Kristy Lovely ‘North East Contact Awards’


Photon – With Lasers

Number of performers: 2

Duration: up to 12 mins.

Description: If you want a show that stands out as a centrepiece in your event then this is the option to go for. The show combines lasers and performers, LED suits and pixel props in this unforgettable extravaganza of light! With animated laser graphics and logos appearing in mid air, we will mould the performance around you and your theme. The whole show is totally integrated, from the music to the state-of-the-art glow costumes and props – capable accuracy of a hundredth of a second and guaranteed to create a seamless blend of performers, sound and technology. This show has a longer set up and down then our other shows but if nothing less than the very best will do, this is the show for you.



“These guys were seriously something else. What took my breath away was how they got the logos to work into the show. I seriously bow down to them, they have created something wonderful.”

-Sam Backwell ‘One World’


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