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Chocks Away! – Tally ho! Pip pip and all that, what? Wing Commander Basil Poppington-Smythe has rather carelessly ‘misplaced’ his Spitfire, but this won’t stop him reaching for the skies! Bouncing around on sprung stilts he jumps, leaps and generally tries to get airborne whilst all the while maintaining his stiff upper lip. Join him as he practises his nose dives, sips tea while off duty or perfect your paper-plane making with the Hero of the Heavens.


Ugly Sisters – Meet Hyacinth and Petunia, Daddy’s ‘little’ flowers. Some call them ugly; they prefer unique! They’re all dressed up for the Prince’s Ball, but with no date between them they’re on the hunt for some lucky men to escort them while making sure that everyone sees (and hears) them coming! Perfect for Christmas parties, balls (Royal or otherwise), promotional events or simply tottering around looking fabulous!


High Spy – The long leg of the law is out and about in search of ne’er-do-wells. A master of camouflage he can melt into the background with the aid of his trusty newspaper…or if he’s caught off guard, behind his hand. Sneaking up on unsuspecting suspects, swapping secret information with fellow operatives and generally keeping an elevated eye on things. Trust no one. There are spies everywhere!

Technical Specifications

Stilt acts require a level performance area with minimum head clearance of 9ft. Secure and private changing facilities are also required with level access to the performance area. Steps, slopes and lifts are negotiable, but not ideal.

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Include: intuShopping Centres, Farnborough Air Show, The Pearl Doha, Brighton Dome, Southbank Centre, Barbican Centre.

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