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Slaying audiences eveywhere: Pippa the Ripper………

Cute, kitsch, dangerous, completely whacky and superbly talented this glorious performer will leave your guests gasping!

With a background in musical theatre, a degree in circus arts and a black belt in charm,
Pippa ‘the Ripper’ is a deadly crowd pleaser.

Pippa ‘the Ripper’? Because she has slain so many audiences!
She is known as a serial killer of the circus and cabaret scene.

Choose from the following darkly delightful acts:

Edwina Explains – Ten‐year old Edwina Cramp tells her tale of life at school, involving hypothermia,
Indonesia, kittens and lots of hula‐hoops! Edwina’s ramblings create a humorous and
quirky quality, and her skills with her hoops show years of hardcore school ground
practice. This unique little act will surprise and delight.
Kids these days…

Cirquotic Rock – Duo hulahoops
Cirquotic Rock is a hard‐core, sexy, androgynous and high skilled hula‐hoop act in
homage to rock band Guns n’ Roses. Watch Axel and Slash, two blazing, furious, half psychotic
party animals fuse hard rock, hula‐hoops and humour to a motley collection of
Guns n’ Roses tracks. These dangerous rock chicks will go up in flames, reviving rock n
roll culture and leave you screaming and head banging for more.

Feathers – Burlesque (involves part nudity)
This is a tale of a twisted love affair.
An enchanting lady enters the stage, gracefully integrating beautiful dance moves and
hula‐hoop skills. Eventually she becomes overwhelmed with lust and quickly removes
her clothes. She stands there and smothers her almost naked body sensually in
paste. The fantasy persists as she produces a set of a pillowcase full of feathers, more
hoops than you can imagine and a classic track by The Carpenters. This filthy act is one
NOT to be missed. You’ll be amazed at the lengths some women will go…

Tiger Tamer (involves audience participation)
Enter the cage with Lady Tigress, the fourth generation infamous beast tamer. Watch as
this wonder from down‐under masterly controls this wild ‘animal’ armed with nothing
but her bare hands. Her courage and sass will leave the audience purring for more.
Performing to soul icon, April Stevens, meow!

VooDoo Vixen
A truly spell binding act inspired by Tim Burtons’ cinematic characters.
VooDoo Vixen bewitchers her audience leaving them helplessly entranced by her saucy
charms. This performance will rip into your psyche and tear away your conceptions of
circus burlesque.

The Fifties Fox
Get ready to jive! This Fifties Fox will have you clapping and toe‐tapping to her unbelievable hula‐hoops display. Pippa’s insane tricks with copious amounts of hoops, drags the craze of the 50’s into a new dimension.

See Pippa the Ripper in all her hula glory here:

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