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Flaming Fun Porcelain Twins Living Tables.

We are proud to introduce Flaming Fun’s signature Living Tables, the super glamorous Porcelain Twins!

These striking tables make a memorable impression from the moment your guests arrive, creating an exciting buzz as they gracefully serve your guests their first cocktail or appetiser of the evening.

The beautifully mysterious masked ladies sport white, elaborately feathered headdresses embellished with ambient LED lighting, emitting an alluring glow in low light environments.

Very popular for delivering the “wow factor” at weddings, masked balls, and Winter Ice themed events.

Pair one with a matching Porcelain Twins Stilt Walker for maximum impact.



“It was amazing and I would definitely have the human table again. Such fun!”
-Private Client


” Helen, the living table, was fantastic. Really made the night come together. Scared some people, but in a good way!”
– MPG – Media Planning


”The two ladies were professional; they arrived at what was probably the most manic point for me but managed to make sense of my ramblings in order to get themselves ready and in position. These two really caught the attention of the guests who were photographing them and really enjoying the whole atmosphere created. Again these two needed minimal briefing and were able to position themselves in the best place for the event.”
– Travel Counsellors Ltd


“The living tables were brilliant and looked amazing. We will certainly be booking them again. Please pass on our thanks.”
– TT Entertainments

Technical Specifications

Living Table Technical requirements:

Set Up:

They tables take up to 1hr to set up. The ideal location for Living Tables is an area where Artists can set up and pack up the table without being seen by the audience.

In cases where the table must remain in sight of guests, the breakdown would require two members of the events team to pack up the table for the artist (s). This is in order not to ruin the illusion of the Living Table performance. If the area is free of guests, the artist will pack away the table.

The artists in the tables are happy to pour Champagne and any non-stainable drinks. Canapes can be served, and must be provided on trays atop the table. N/B any drinks or food must be kept well supplied by the events staff, as the living tables are unable to restock themselves once inside the costume.

Please note that anything that can stain the white table costumes is not permitted near the tables. (Any red wines or things with any coloring in them)

Parking and Loading:

A loading bay/area at the venue is required as well as parking at the venue or nearby. Any parking fees or expenses are charged to the client.

Weight & Dimensions:

Each table is 5ft round and 3ft height.

For travel purposes the table’s weights are:

Per table – 25 kgs @ 5 foot long, 2.5 foot wide, and 6 inches thick.

Tables costume – 1 large suit case – 25 kgs

International clients:

Total excess baggage for one table:

3 pieces to check in:

1 x tables @ 25 kg = 25kg

1 x 25kg suitcase

1 x 15kg suitcase

Total = 65kg

(Personal things will be taken in carry-on)

Total excess baggage for two tables:

4 pieces to check in:

2 x tables @ 25 kg = 50kg

1 x 25kg suitcase

1 x 15kg suitcase

Total = 85kg

(Personal things will be taken in carry-on)

Return travel to Gatwick or Heathrow Airport will be charged to the client.

Overnight airport parking please add £25 per night, plus expenses.

Accommodation: (ideally 2 x single rooms), all meals, excess baggage costs, and all ground transfers are to be supplied by client.


Please note that when picking up and dropping off the artists from the airport you will need a people carrier, empty van / estate car (with seats down) to transport the large tables. (If you try to pick them up in a small car they won’t fit!)

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