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Reindeer Walkabout Act.

The Reindeer are a festive spectacular. They are 8 ft tall and 8 ft long and are operated by two puppeteers each. They are made of soft fur, they love to be stroked and tickled behind their floppy ears. They have fluttering eyes and moving heads and can sit, nozzle into peoples necks, scratch there ears, rear up and lay down. They will charm you and create the illusion of being real Christmas reindeer.

The reindeer will bring sparkle and Christmas magic to any event as they parade about being feed hay by the public and causing mischief. Their reindeer herder Helga will accompany them, or, if you prefer, we can provide Santa Claus. She will encourage people to stroke and feed them while telling stories about them. She will help capture children’s imagination in believing their real reindeer while looking after the reindeer and there operators.

These reindeer have proven to be a big hit with adults and children over the Christmas period. The reindeer can be hired individually as well as together.

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