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‘Snow Queen’ is an amazing spectacle, a mass of beautiful white costume with snowflakes and icicles, topped with a white dove, ` a great ability to interact with the public who are fascinated to chat to her.  `Snow Queen` is over 3 metres tall and has a magic staff toped with a giant snowflake, to occasionally start a small sprinkling of snow.

Under her skirt lives the ‘Ice Elf ‘.  He scurries out, dressed in icy cool blues, icicle hair and Elven boots, as `Snow Queens` assistant `Ice Elf` is always close at hand, `Snow Queen` gathers children and the young at heart to call him out from his hiding place, `Ice Elf` then appears as if by magic and precedes to treat everyone to a feast of acrobatics, juggling and clowning. In his efforts to impress `Snow Queen` he can be seen jumping over bollards, cart wheeling, twirling around lamp posts and climbing up `Snow Queens` magic staff.

The above characters are of course best suited to Winter / Christmas and family events, as with all our acts they work well as a pair, but work equally on their own and can be hired separately. We recommend hiring both characters as it is often useful to have a ground based performer with a stilt walking character, not only for a visual effect but also to negate the need for the client to provide a full time member of security.

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