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Stegosaur The Dinosaur.

A brand new and visually stunning show for suitable for people of all ages Our stegosaurus is a beautifully realistic creation, controlled from within by a concealed performer. A combination of live sound, facial animatronics and extreme puppetry bring our dinosaur to life – she is expressive, interactive and full of character and charm. The dinosaur is accompanied by our resident palaeontologist who presents a lively and informative natural history show. Audiences are encouraged to ‘get tactile’ with the dinosaur and to have a go at being palaeontologists themselves.
They each have a custom-built internal sound system, allowing them to breathe, grunt, purr etc…

Technical Specifications

Please bear in mind that we perform at a very wide range of events and venues and that our tech requirements can vary greatly from one to another. If in doubt call us and talk it over - we are very nice, really.
Performance (General)
• The Stegosaur performs 3 x 20mins or 2 x 30mins per day with a minimum of 30mins break between shows.
• The Stegosaur performs in an oval area a minimum of 5.5m in diameter (see plan below)
backed by our inflatable and fronted by our small chain-link fence. The size of the performance area can be adjusted but be aware that the Stegosaur is 3.5m nose to tail
and we need room to back away from the audience and turn round safely.
• The fans that inflate our set and our PA requirea 13 amp, 240v power supply, one domestic 3 pin plug point will be sufficient. We draw less than 1Kw total.
• We need a firm, level, and clear area for the performance. The inflatable is held down with sand bags, if we are on a soft surface it can also be pegged to keep it in place.
• We will require a steward to look after the inflatable and performance area
in between performances in case children mistake it for a bouncy castle.
• The inflatable can be rigged or de-rigged within 10 minutes. This does not include
the time it takes for the performers to get in and out of costume, so if you need to remove the set quickly please provide a steward or two. It is preferable to leave the set in place throughout. Performance – exceptional
• We have previously worked from low stages although we do this by prior agreement only,
and generally prefer not to. ‘Meet the Dinosaur’ is an interactive performance, not a stage show.
• We can perform mix n’ mingle/meet and greet at events with limited public access. Travel
distances and changing requirements still apply. Please discuss your requirements prior to


Changing room
• On arrival the Stegosaur travels in a wheeled frame 1.1m wide x 1.6m long x 1.5m high.
The frame is extended to a height of 2m and suspends the dinosaur puppet while the performer climbs inside.
• Please ensure we can get our van as close as possible for unloading – we are loading very
heavy gear.
• We need clear access for the frame to travel from our van to the changing area – no stairs; no small lifts; no narrow doors.
• Changing into the Stegosaur requires a minimum clear area of 3.5m x 2.5m.
• An ideal changing room will be secure and private, have chairs to sit on and a clean floor.
• Please make sure we can get our frame in and our dinosaur out  of the changing area – no  narrow/low doorways, no stairs, no narrow/low corridors or tight angles. The dinosaur  is 3.5m long, 1.9m high and 1.05m wide.
• For outdoor performance we have a 3m x 4.5m heavyweight easy-up marquee for hire. If you are intending to supply a tent please ensure that there is in excess of 2m clearance at  the sides so we can get out of the tent! The tent will need 4 opaque walls – no window panels or open sides. If the ground is damp, please provide covering such as carpet or tarpaulins over the area. Please make sure the tent is weatherproof not showerproof.
• Once in costume we are limited in the distance we are able to travel. We require a  changing area a maximum of 20m from the performance area. Changing immediately be
hind our set is ideal.
• Please bear in mind that performance times start when we leave the changing room, and
finish when we get back to the changing room.


• Performing in a Stegosaur is a very hot occupation; we’ve never yet had to miss or delay a performance due to excessive heat but we reserve the right to do so if the safety of our
performers is threatened. Providing shade may prevent us having to do so.
• We don’t perform in the rain or snow or on ice, so it is advisable to have an adverse weather contingency plan in place for outdoor events.
•  We supply a portable 900w PA with our show and use two radio microphones which we also supply. If you anticipate large crowds or a very noisy even t it may be worth considering the provision of a larger PA.
• We will require parking at the venue for a high-top long wheel base van or similar vehicles.
Please remember that high-top vans can’t get into any height restricted car parks such as

• In situations where undue wear and tear is put on our equipment we reserve the right to charge for cleaning/repair expenses.


• Please provide 2 litres of still mineral water for our performers – working in a dinosaur is very hot!
This technical specification is considered to be a binding part of any contracted performance of the ‘Meet the Dinosaur’ show. If we are unable to give a performance in the case of inappropriate technical provision our full fee is still payable.

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