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If you’re looking for an evening’s entertainment like you’ve never seen before, then meet Giles, Ralph, Graham & Neal Broadbent aka Stringfever.

With their electric instruments and live beat-boxing, the worlds first genetically modified string quartet combine exceptional musical skill with a real talent for involving and engaging audiences to provide you with a night you’ll never forget.

Technical Specifications

Stringfever are a 4 piece electric string group with the cellist also beat boxing.
They play Violectra electric string instruments and provide their own Senheiser wireless instrument receivers, Line6 pod xt effects units, and travel with their own sound engineer to mix the show.

They Require:-
A high quality sound system, with bass bins to suit the size of the venue with an even spread of sound across the entire room.
3 monitors on separate mixes and one send for In-Ear Monitoring (we will supply the IEM system)
Total of 8 channels on a the mixing desk, 3 for Mics - (one cabled SM58 for beat box, and two hand held radio mics for vocals – they can supply)
3 boom mic stands
Stage with an area of at least 2.4m by 3.6m (8ft by 12ft)
A good wash of white light on the performance area
One Bar Stool (Only for gigs that require flights, i.e. Scotland and overseas - they will supply in England and Wales)


What people who've seen this act had to say:


“Stringfever are truly genre defying. They create musical magic, and are a delight to watch and listen to” - Brian Daniels. Off West End Theatres

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Previous Clients:

The Henley Festival
Cayman Arts Festival, Cayman Islands
Tamaulipas International Festival, Mexico
The Bloomsbury Theatre, London
Chichester Festival
Mostly Mozart Festival, Barbican, London
Ontoño Musical Soriano, Spain
Kongresshaus, Zürich
Support for Heather Small UK Tour
West End Live, London

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