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Swing Ninjas Band.

Swing Ninjas will entertain and delight any crowd of any age.

“Mixing the sounds of New Orleans and 1930s Parisian swing, The Swing Ninjas will entertain and delight any crowd of any age. Saxophone, manouche guitar and helicon (tuba) create the perfect combination of dirty horn jazz and Gypsy swing, while 3-part vocal harmonies complete their sound. The Swing Ninjas have performed at clubs, festivals and events all over Europe. Their energy on stage is infectious and their enthusiasm and enjoyment of the raw musical pleasures shine through.

A key feature of their show is the ability to walk around and play acoustically. This interaction with the audience breaks down barriers and makes their performances inclusive and exciting. Combine that with interesting musical ideas and no-one can leave a show without a smile on their face.

Based in Brighton, UK, you cannot find a more raw, entertaining, foot-tappingly good swing band to play at your wedding, corporate event, function, festival, club or Bar Mitzvah. A band that will make you dance and laugh – a swing band that runs through the audience woo’ing young and old alike. Sussex Jazz Band? Not quite, but close. London and the South Swing Band? Yes, closer. Dirty horn Gypsy swing trio? That’s it!”

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