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Telepathic Magicians for close up and stage show performances

There are only a few acts like this in the world.

It takes years of practice and dedication to achieve this incredible telepathic connection.

What they can do will astound you.

Objects, dates, names and much more – all revealed by telepathic ability.

Think of someone special to you – they know their star sign and birthday!

Think of any random word – they know what it is!

Take out a banknote – they can tell you the serial number!

These telepaths have completely astounded professional magicians at the world's most prestigious magical society "THE MAGIC CIRCLE" who invited them to perform at THE INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF MAGICIANS in front of over a thousand people.

The telepathy show can be adapted for audience both large and small.  Your friends, family and colleagues will congratulate you on providing such a refreshingly different and fantastic form of entertainment.

Due to the interactive nature of the performance no two shows are ever the same.

These magical fellows are also expert close-up entertainers, so you can combine an hour or two of "mix and mingle" mind reading with a stage performance of their telepathy act.

Amazing fun, laughter and astonishment guaranteed.  This truly interactive show is perfect for all parties and events.

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