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These life size Elephants are fully mobile and controlled by one stilt walker. Measuring over 2 meters tall and 2.5 meters long, this act will make a huge impact to any event. Filling audiences with wonder and excitement, all ages will be amazed and thrilled by this close encounter with one of nature’s gentle giants. Completely mobile with real elephant noises and beautifully costumed rider and ground based character.There are two elephants, one Male complete with tusks and one Female.

Current Themes

On Safari


Greatest Showman/ Circus

Christmas Elves on Elephants

In addition, the elephants are available with LED headdresses for festive events.

We are able to accommodate bespoke theme requests given adequate time and budget.

Technical Specifications

Tech Spec for 1 Elephant Stiltwalker and 1 Ground Based Performer/ Tech Asst
Elephant length - approx 3 metres
Maximum width from ear to ear of elephant - 185cm (ears can move)
Height from floor to top of elephants back - 180cm
Height from floor to shoulder of stilt walker - 230cm
Maximum height (floor to top of stilt walkers costume) - approx 3 metres
Arrival Time 
In order to allow adequate time to be set for first performance we require arrival 2 hours in advance. This assumes that parking, access and location of the changing/build area has been provided prior to the date of event.
Changing/Build Area
The changing/build are should be located on the same floor as the performance area. If that is not possible, there should be a goods lift minimum of 3 metres x 3 metres to take performers to the performance area. Please note route from changing area to performance area must be double width to allow for the Elephant to pass without obstacle. The floor must be flat with no stairs although sloped floor may be manageable.
We require a minimum of 4 metres x 4 metres clear space with a height clearance of 3 metres for the build of the costume. This area should secure and away from the public / guests. The build time for the costume is approximately 1 hour.
Immediately prior to set, the stilt performer requires 10 - 15 mins to get in to elephant and performance costume.
Performance Area
The performance area must be within a short distance of the performance area due to the large costume the performer can not move at a fast pace. The ground needs to be even and with out obstacles or steps.
Performance area must be no smaller than 5 metre x 5 metres
Performance sets are 30 mins. Time must be allowed to left back to the changing room

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