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Tiny Travelling Tightwire Show……..

Join the precession as “The Tiny Travelling Tightwire Show!” rolls into town!

Follow Kennington and his assistant Poppet the Puppet on their travelling tightwire.

Kennington is about to perform, but when he puts his back out the nervous little Poppet decides to perform the show. She needs the audience’s encouragement but with their help performs the show of her life!

This is a fun and entertaining roaming tightwire show for all ages. The low tightwire on wheels is pulled by a tricycle, which stops to perform the show.

An innovative and novel approach to puppetry and tightwire from one of the leading tightwire artists in the UK.


Performance area 6m wide x 4m deep, approx.
Flat level surface (grass or street/ paths are appropriate)
They are self sufficient for sound, rigging and transport.

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